Quiver dating. Anyone here fancy shooting, searching with or gathering the 60’s Ben Pearson recurve bows?

Quiver dating. Anyone here fancy shooting, searching with or gathering the 60’s Ben Pearson recurve bows?

Anyone here fancy shooting, searching with or gathering the 60’s Ben Pearson recurve bows? We saw one in about perfect condition within the week-end at a tiny nondescript junk store right here in Portland..50..about 56″ for 50.00.. nearly purchased myself but simply do not require another bow. ) Jim

We have a Ben Pearson Colt 62″ – 50@28. A new come personallyr to me shot it a times that are few. This has a various handle setup then just about any bow We have.

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Pete, My memory fails me personally with this a person’s title..maybe GAMESTER? Red glass in the straight straight straight back..no tip overlays..no string but right without having any blemishes.All it requires is a little of cleaning-wax and a string that is new.

It absolutely was shorter..56-58″ I think..Not a Colt or some of the 70’s Pearson rcurve names We readily recognized.Jim

We additionally have Ben Pearson “Colt 62″ 56 & 28” however it is overweight for me personally to shoot now. 10-12 years back it absolutely was a story that is different. We dropped 9 and today i could shoot like We accustomed 10-12 years ago.

I got a couple of, the best is really a LH Equalizer 48″AMO (about 42″ strung) 50 @ 28″. We have a signature TD that is 2pc do not take care of the grip/shelf about it. I actually do like shooting all of the Pearsons.

Simply arrived in from shooting my Ben Pearson Mustang and saw this thread. It was bought by me brand brand brand new in 1963. The serial is 16-633 it is a 1963 model so I assume. It’s 64″ and it is 46 @ 28. We pull it 29. It is a shooting that is great and places them in which you are looking.

The 1963 Mustang had red cup, Sailor, along with catalog quantity 975 onto it.

return back and purchase it u can offer it in the next occasion u get to maby pay money for gasoline they have been great bows I prefer them well

First for the Gamester was 1970, and it was a 56″ bow year. In 1973 it decided to go to a bow that is 54. It had been detailed to own Ebony Pearsonite Glass, but I do not have the 71 or 72 information, so that it might have had glass that is red one particular years.

Well, I transpired and visited the fellow that is old gets the junk store this AM..I HATE IT WHEN our MEMORY DOES NOT WORK PROPERLY. )

The bow is Ben Pearson ‘GAMESTER’..and beneath that 7388

Ebony cup right right right straight back & face.Maple lams.

3 piece bubinga riser with maple accents between.

Suggestion overlays are bubinga..

marked BW-8501 56″ X50@28″. I believe it and it is dead-nuts straight..Jim that it is from about 1970 or thereabouts.. Took several bowstrings along and braced

Just washed up a Ben Pearson Rouge, fresh camo task, and an innovative new Bear seven arrow quiver. Retro arrows on top of that. 45@28

George..You are proper in regards to the black colored Pearsonite fiberglas. ) Anyhow..I paid 35.00 for this therefore currently have another bow that can help a brand new archer have started.. Shucks a other can scarcely spread a 35.00 recurve in fine condition. )

Only have to make a sequence it up and redo the https://datingmentor.org/video-dating/ arrow plate-shelf a tad.Jim for it and wax

From a vintage website detailing the Ben Pearson bows:

Gamester, 1970, No. 7388, 56 ins, Recurve pistol hold

Contrasting laminated hardwoods

Black Pearsonite cup

7 1/2 to 6 1/2 inches brace height

4 1/2 inch sight window

brown timber with two thin strips that are white handle

$ 53 catalogued that is obviously NOT anybody who knows much about forests.. “brown wood with two slim white strips thru handle. )Jim

George. Looked over my bow once again it offers 16-633 and 45X – 28″ in the region of the riser as well as on the stomach this has Ben Pearson Mustang aided by the logo design and 716-64″. Brown cup from the relative straight back and white from the stomach.

I’ve a 62″ 50 Colt, and simply got a month or more ago, a Hunter, 58″ and 55. Additionally, i acquired my grandson a Bronco, 48″ and 24. It appears like We shoot these a lot better than other people I possess.

Oh, i’ve a 60″ 40 Pony too. I do not shoot this often; in reality it’s loaned away right now.

I experienced a 45er and extremely liked it. Want i really could find a 50. $50.00? I would purchase it.

Well..for those of you that don’t read well. USED TO DO purchase the Pearson that is old 1970 ‘Gamester’ for $35.00.

Appears just like a number of the bows i purchased brand new into the late 60’s for twice that plus shipping.Reminds me personally for the Brownng anbd Bear faster bows f that age.

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